Janvel F1 Cauliflower Seeds
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Janvel F1 Cauliflower Seeds

Vigorous and versatile with perfectly-formed snow white heads. Gorgeous dense, well-filled curds seasonally-adapted for spring, summer and fall crops. Tight wrapper leaves and tall outer leaves provide excellent sunburn protection. Out-performed Fremont F1 in our spring trials with a slightly longer harvest window.

  • Spring or fall crop
  • Fresh market, processing
  • 6-8" heads
  • 75 Days
  • Packet 25 Seeds

NOTE: OUR QUALITY ASSURANCE: All seed lots of this variety are independently tested for the diseases black rot (Xanthomonas campestris pv. Campestris) and black leg (Phoma lingam). Only seed lots that are found to be free of black rot and black leg are released for sale. No diseased seed will be sold.

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